Dj Codax - DJ Codax DMC Online 2019 Round 2

Dj Codax From South Africa
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 2

Herewith my entry for DMC Online 2019 Round 2. Please Watch & Vote


  • Comment From DJ.A
  • Comment From Gilliano


    Posted 26th Apr 2019 09:13:06

    DJ Codax you are the best Representing CAPE TOWN awesome!

  • Comment From DJ CHARRA


    Posted 26th Apr 2019 09:09:24

    Awesome stuff @BruceLee 5 star rating.

  • Comment From Dj Ozz G

    Dj Ozz G

    Posted 26th Apr 2019 04:59:10

    That was dope man!
    Big up!

  • Comment From Uncle Cal

    Uncle Cal

    Posted 23rd Apr 2019 22:47:36

    Kwaai skiet bra. Proudly representing South Africa. Bring it huistoe. Klaar waarit so is!

  • Comment From khelo


    Posted 23rd Apr 2019 15:05:13

    That set was fire, keep up the good work. The Champ for the Win…

  • Comment From Kenichi_Dj


    Posted 20th Apr 2019 09:35:10

    Slay them Champ

  • Comment From E to the Z

    E to the Z

    Posted 19th Apr 2019 13:14:17

    DJ Codax repping Cape Town,South Africa !!!

  • Comment From Gain26


    Posted 19th Apr 2019 10:19:55

    Consistently doing his thing, we got your back Codax

  • Comment From Tobtom21


    Posted 19th Apr 2019 09:23:32

    Should we even be doing this? I thought the winner was clear as daylight #CodaxChamp #WhoopWhoop 😛

  • Comment From MarkTheGuru


    Posted 19th Apr 2019 08:31:12

    All the best, Champ!

  • Comment From Clementbeatz


    Posted 19th Apr 2019 08:11:10

    Dj codax for the win!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment From acomza


    Posted 19th Apr 2019 08:08:06

    Aweh Kwaai ne! Smooth as silk!

  • Comment From Lucky7


    Posted 19th Apr 2019 08:07:36

    The King back baby.

  • Comment From mdw466


    Posted 19th Apr 2019 07:07:02

    The champ is back

  • Comment From djrakman


    Posted 19th Apr 2019 04:40:18

    I absolutely love the african talent this year. Big ups bro, voted, 5 stars ahki. Salute from Christcurch

  • Comment From Lyle_Boere


    Posted 18th Apr 2019 20:32:10

    Dj Codax all the way!

  • Comment From DJ Jam Master

    DJ Jam Master

    Posted 18th Apr 2019 18:04:49

    DJ Codack salute keep up the good work.killa..Good luck

  • Comment From MarkSa


    Posted 18th Apr 2019 17:06:12

    Go Codax

  • Comment From Traviss


    Posted 18th Apr 2019 14:31:16

    Good Luck Codax!

  • Comment From tmfosdj


    Posted 18th Apr 2019 13:24:03

    Nice going – All the best champ

  • Comment From timmykok


    Posted 18th Apr 2019 13:21:46

    Thats THA CHAMP DJ CODAX!!!!!! FROM us alll in Piketberg

  • Comment From LampShady


    Posted 18th Apr 2019 13:08:40

    Way dope

  • Comment From Petrolenej


    Posted 18th Apr 2019 12:48:24

    #TheChamp….CPT represent!!!!

  • Comment From King Erv

    King Erv

    Posted 18th Apr 2019 12:34:42

    We don’t call him #TheChamp for no reason!

  • Comment From

    Posted 17th Apr 2019 17:33:14

    Big Ups.all the best to you brother

  • Comment From thekayos


    Posted 17th Apr 2019 09:46:35


  • Comment From Dj B Trak

    Dj B Trak

    Posted 17th Apr 2019 08:03:30

    That’s nice! Got a nice Redbull 3style feeling to it! Good luck!

  • Comment From Liezl Van Dee

    Liezl Van Dee

    Posted 17th Apr 2019 06:16:27

    This guy knows how to turn any place into a dance. His Dj skills are amazing and he is such a humble guy.
    Goodluck Dj Codax!

  • Comment From djlee


    Posted 16th Apr 2019 17:45:57


  • Comment From RealMack


    Posted 16th Apr 2019 12:03:47

    DJ Codax you are the best. Representing Kaapstad to the Max. You have 6stars from me.

  • Comment From Dj Nates

    Dj Nates

    Posted 16th Apr 2019 11:45:09

    Top Class Dj Codax, you on a other level

  • Comment From Boyka10


    Posted 16th Apr 2019 10:53:57

    Another Awesome vid Daxman

  • Comment From Lesley


    Posted 16th Apr 2019 10:42:18

    Yes man Codax!

  • Comment From Tracy


    Posted 16th Apr 2019 10:32:28


  • Comment From Dee43


    Posted 16th Apr 2019 09:58:41

    Fire bra

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