Event period – August 18th- September 20th 2017

This competition is for UK DJs only / UK Citizens (Must have lived in the UK for 6 years or more)

This competition is FREE to enter.

This competition is known as The 2017 DMC UK Championship Final.

Film duration is 6 minutes (maximum 6 minutes 4 seconds)

You may need to prove you are a resident of the UK.

The event structure of the DMC UK DJ Championship Final will commence with UK DJs uploading their filmed six minute performance followed by The DMC World Champions judging the UK submissions and then on 20th September we will announce the DMC UK Champion

The submissions will NOT be made public for public viewing. The videos will only go onto the site publically after the DMC World Final in October.

The equipment used must adhere to the LIVE event structure. (Two Technics turntables + Mixer) as the DJ will need to follow the rules of the live events.

In the UK Final, the UK DJs will be required to upload a six minute set.

The judges will be made up of numerous DMC World Champions, Battle Champions, Team Champion members and DJs with enormous credibility and reputation.

The DMC UK Champion will win the prize of representing the UK at the 2017 DMC World Finals which takes place on Sunday 1st October @ KOKO, Camden, London.

This competition is open to any age.

DMC retains rights to change and alter the rules of the contest whereby and when, in their opinion, it is in the interest of the events credibility and competition fairness.

A video entry must not contain nudity, pornography or sexually explicit visual content. The video will be removed if it contains content of this nature.

Free speech is welcomed and everyone has a right to express their point of view. We do not condone hate speech (attacking or demeaning a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age and sexual orientation/gender identity).

Videos can be removed without notice if their content is deemed to be inappropriate to the spirit of DMC’s UK DJ Championship.

You must also respect Youtube’s regional terms and conditions and Youtube’s community guidelines.

Video editing is not accepted. (DJs cannot edit two or more different performances into one set). There are no restrictions on creative film presentation ie multi camera angles, blue screen techniques, video back-drop, they are all permitted BUT THE DJ must submit a non-stop 6 minute performance.

The performing DJ must be in camera shot at all times.

THERE WILL BE NO PUBLIC VOTING OR PUBLIC VIEWING OF THE ENTRIES IN THE UK FINAL (The videos will only be public after the 1st October 2017).