Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register to enter with the DMC agent in my country?

No. The DMC Online DJ Championships do not take the place of the live DMC Battles across the globe. To enter the online competition, register directly on


How can I enter the traditional live DMC DJ Championships in my country?

For all details on entering a regional DMC DJ Championship in your country please visit for your countries details or email


Can I only enter one of the competitions? The live OR the Online championship?

DJs can enter BOTH the live and online DMC battles.


Can I enter as a DJ duo or a team entrant?

The Online Championship is a SOLO DJ Competition.


Are there any stipulations against multiple camera angles?

There are no restrictions on creative film presentation but we require a full uninterrupted 2 minute video performance (ie DJs cannot edit two or more different performances into one set).


If I win a round, do I go into round 2?

No, if you are the winner or runner up DJ from each round, you automatically go to through to the Online final. There are 6 individual Rounds and the winner and runner up from each Round will go through to the June final. The Online final will consist of 12 DJs in total.Click Here to find out more about how the competition works


Does my set have to run to exactly 2 minutes?

No but your performance won’t be accepted if you exceed 2 minutes 4 seconds.


What happens if I don’t show my face during the video?

If you make it to the ONLINE FINAL and you do not show your face then your entry will not count and you will be asked to upload another.


If I win when will I have to decide if I want to compete in the LIVE DMC’s?

You can make that decision any time you like up to a few days before we conduct the draw at the WELCOME gathering get together where all the world’s National DMC Champions arrive to receive their passes and on-stage timings for the World Eliminations.

Remember, if you don’t want to compete you have two further options (a) Perform your winning ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIP set on stage or (b) Just come and chill, meet and hang out with the National DJ finalists with your back-stage pass.


If a DJ is the winner or runner up of a round can he enter another and try to secure more placements in the Online Final?

No. The Final will consists of 12 different DJs.


Can a DJ enter more than once in a round?

A DJ may enter more up to three entries per round if they so wish, but if he/she wins or is the runner up they automatically go through to the final, so will not be allowed to enter another round.


How can I get in touch with anyone at the DMC Online Championship?

You may use the contact button on the website or alternatively if you have any questions or comments at all please email us –