• Event period – March 5th – July 2nd 2019
  • This competition is FREE to enter.
  • Public voting is FREE.
  • Film duration is a maximum of two minutes (2mins 4 seconds) in each of the 3 Rounds and 6 minutes (6 minutes 4 seconds) in the Final.
  • The event structure of the DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIP will commence with contestants uploading their filmed two minute performances followed by public voting which will deliver a public top 10 every two weeks. The World Champions will then judge this top 10 to deliver a 1st/ 2nd and 3rd place for each round and these 3 DJs go onto the DMC Online Final.
  • DJs can enter as many rounds as they like. However if they make it into the Online Final they are not permitted to enter another round. The Online Final will consist of 9 individual DJs.
  • There will be no limitations on the equipment the DJs wish to use in their performances, however should they win the ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIP they will be required to abide by the equipment stipulations of the live DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS in the 2019 Final.
  • In the Online Final, the 9 Online Final DJs will be required to upload a six minute set. The Online Finalist videos will go live for viewing on Tuesday 25th June and The DMC World Champions will decide who is the 2019 Online Champion.
  • The Online Finalist videos go live for viewing on Tuesday 25th June. Please note that any video that is submitted after Wednesday 26th June (9 am GMT) will not be accepted into the final and will not be sent to the DMC World Champions.
  • There will be no public voting in the Online Final.
  • In the Online Final each DJ should introduce themselves by showing their face on camera to confirm their identity in their performances.
  • The judges will be made up of numerous DMC World Champions, Battle Champions, Team Champion members and DJs with enormous credibility and reputation.
  • You must register to vote. The point scoring system will not function without this being completed.
  • If you make it to the Online Final but know you will not be entering a 6 minute final performance for any reason, please let us know in advance.
  • The DMC Online DJ Champion will win a paid trip to the DMC World DJ Finals to be staged in London on Saturday 28th September @ Islington Assembly Hall, London in which the Online Champion will have three options:
    1. The Online Champion can compete at the World Elimination level with all DMC NATIONAL CHAMPIONS for the title DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPION 2019 (abiding by the World Final equipment limitations).
    2. If the winner chooses not to compete, they have the option to perform their WINNING six minute DMC Online DJ Champion set live on stage.
    3. Or simply be DMC’s guest of honour and hang-out with the world’s greatest DJs.
  • The prize includes an economy flight from wherever in the world they live plus hotel accommodation at the official DMC hotel.
  • Travel permits/visa, if required, are the responsibility of the winning DJ.
  • This competition is open to any age. If the winner is under the age of 16, eligibility to travel to the World Finals will be subject to parental permission.
  • DMC retains rights to change and alter the rules of the contest whereby and when, in their opinion, it is in the interest of the events credibility and competition fairness.
  • Voters need only register once for the entire Championship.
  • Voters may only vote once for each video entry in each Round, but voters can vote for as many video entries as they wish in each Round.
  • Voters will have the ability to vote for a DJ set with a one (lowest score) to five stars (highest score).
  • A video entry must not contain nudity, pornography or sexually explicit visual content. The video will be removed if it contains content of this nature.
  • Free speech is welcomed and everyone has a right to express their point of view. We do not condone hate speech (attacking or demeaning a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age and sexual orientation/gender identity).
  • Videos can be removed without notice if their content is deemed to be inappropriate to the spirit of DMC’s Online DJ Championship.
  • You must also respect Youtube’s regional terms and conditions and Youtube’s community guidelines.
  • Video editing is not accepted. (DJs cannot edit two or more different performances into one set). There are no restrictions on creative film presentation ie multi camera angles, blue screen techniques, video back-drop, they are all permitted BUT THE DJ must submit a non stop 2 minute performance (6 minutes in the online final).
  • The performing DJ must be in camera shot at all times.
  • In the interest of fair play and keeping the playing field level, incentives for voting (such as offering prizes or setting up competitions to promote votes) are disallowed. If you are found to be promoting your video in such a way then it will be removed from the competition.
  • DJs can submit up to a maximum of 3 videos in each public round. Only one video entry is allowed per DJ in the final.