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Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 2

I’ve been a huge fan of DMC culture since an early teenager. THE SUMMIT 1&2 changed my life along side with Melbourne’s best DMC greats DJ KUYA DEXTA JRED SELEKT & DIRTY DUO I feel this short clip brings DMC back to its roots as I’m using records only and change 6 in the 2 mins we have.Thanks for you’re time DMC. Kind regards CUTS ANGER BLISS.


  • Comment From Chrisg


    Posted 22nd Apr 2019 02:46:07

    Good luck bruva!

  • Comment From

    Posted 20th Apr 2019 14:57:45

    Keep rocking it Robbie!

  • Comment From DJ Jam Master

    DJ Jam Master

    Posted 18th Apr 2019 17:31:23

    Salute A+ Bringing that vinyl into play .Good luck keep rocking

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