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Friday 2nd March

Round 1

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Fri 30th March

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Fri 13th April

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Fri 13th April

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Fri 27th April

Round 3

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Fri 27th April

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Fri 11th May

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Fri 15th June

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Monday 25th June

DMC Online DJ Championships 2018

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Congratulations to the DJs who entered the DMC Online DJ Championship! We are pleased to announce the 2018 DMC Online Champion : DJ Skillz (France)

Results (Voted For By DMC Judges)

1st - DJ Skillz (France) 137 points
2nd - DJ Fummy (Japan) 127 points
3rd - K-Swizz (New Zealand) 118 points
4th - Soujazz (Brazil) 65 points
5th - John Swan (USA) 58 points
6th - DJ Basim (Brazil) 58 points
7th - DJ Chell (Russia) 54 points
8th - Uppacut (UK) 40 points
9th - Dayvers (USA) 21 points

DMC would like to thank the DJs from around the world who have entertained us in The 2018 Online DJ Championship and a big thank you to our judges! DJ Skillz now has a place in the DMC World DJ Final taking place in London on the 7th of October. Get your tickets now:

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Welcome to the biggest online DJ competition in the world, open to every DJ in every country! Sign up now to receive all the latest competition news and results!

DMC, pioneers of so many aspects of International DJ Culture over the past three decades, broke the boundaries of the DJ World once again in 2011 when launching the enormously successful Online DJ Championship which is now entering its eighth season. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or you are ready to launch your career, the DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIP is now taking entries so sign up and get entering a 2 min video today!

This annual world wide DJ competition will put your filmed set in front of a global audience and the winner gets to compete with their DJ heroes in the DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS in London (Sunday 7th October @ KOKO)! There are no limitations on the equipment the DJs wish to use in their performances. There are 3 rounds in total and the DJs who are voted 1st / 2nd and 3rd in each round by the DMC World Champions will go through to the DMC Online Final. Click here to view the 2018 schedule.

DMC announce the 2018 Online Championship schedule!

Prepare your 2 minute set today and you upload from Friday 2nd March!

NEW SITE LAUNCHES + Uploading begins - Friday 2nd March

Round 1 : Friday 30th March - Friday 13th April
Round 2: Friday 13th April - Friday 27th April
Round 3: Friday 27th April - Friday 11th May

The Online Final: Friday 15th June

The Online Final results: Monday 25th June

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2016 Online DJ Championship: Round 6 Results

Congratulations to the DJs who made the TOP 10 in ROUND 6 of the DMC Online DJ Championship! We are pleased to announce the WINNER of Round 6: DJ Skillz and the RUNNER UP of Round 6: DJ Throwdown. Both DJs will go through to the 2016 Online DJ Championship Final on Tuesday 7th June.

Top 10 Results (Voted For By DMC Judges)

WINNER – DJ Skillz (France)
Runner Up – DJ Throwdown (USA)
3rd: Pattern Break (Germany)
4th: The Beat Molester (USA)
5th: Stereossauro (Portugal)
6th: Spydamonkee (Thailand)
7th: DJ Nino Leal (Brazil)
8th: DJ Remedy (USA)
9th: DJ Abbfunk (UK)
10th: DJ Lesh (Russia)

The DMC WORLD CHAMPION Judges for Round 6:
DJ Hi-C (Kireek) – 5 x DMC World Team Champion
DJ Shiftee – 2009 DMC World Champion
Cutmaster Swift 1989 – DMC World Champion

Click here for the full judges results