DJRichieDon - DJ Richie Don DMC Online 2019 Round 2 Rane 12's & 72

DJRichieDon From United Kingdom
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 2

So back for round 2 hope you like it! Shouts out to everyone taking part there are some SICK Skills on display!.Please feel free to vote .Facebook httpswww.facebook.comdjrichiedon .Insta httpswww.instagram.comdjrichiedon .Web I..DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC.


  • Comment From K77LWS


    Posted 29th Apr 2019 22:41:13

    Come on Don. Smash it mate

  • Comment From Jonnybiscuit


    Posted 29th Apr 2019 19:31:00

    What a geezer! Scratch master and top personality too! Brother from another mother

  • Comment From wkadir


    Posted 29th Apr 2019 18:04:13

    Great routine & super clean cuts!

  • Comment From Bronxio


    Posted 28th Apr 2019 16:51:58

    Great format video idea and nice stuff!

  • Comment From DJRichieDon


    Posted 25th Apr 2019 19:56:49

    Yes Ash / Finlay & Rak! Comments appreciated!

  • Comment From DJRichieDon


    Posted 25th Apr 2019 19:56:15

    Big up Jam Master – Thank you!

  • Comment From DJ Jam Master

    DJ Jam Master

    Posted 18th Apr 2019 17:35:00

    Keep rocking salute good luck

  • Comment From Ashr84


    Posted 18th Apr 2019 07:48:44

    Hes in it to win it and well on his way massive shout out to Richie Don smashing it once again today!

  • Comment From finlayc


    Posted 17th Apr 2019 21:32:51

    So sick!!

  • Comment From Rakgirliscrap


    Posted 17th Apr 2019 16:40:48

    Oh yes!

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