DJ R&CY aka Scratchtastic - DJ R&CY Belgium Outkast Juggle

DJ R&CY aka Scratchtastic From Belgium
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 1

Hope y’all like my new routine… Every vote will be deeply appreciated! Thanks a million!Greetings from Belgium Beercountry No1 & Home of the "French" fries


  • Comment From DJ Jay T

    DJ Jay T

    Posted 8th Apr 2019 18:27:00

    Voted 5 Stars !!!

  • Comment From mister_diem


    Posted 3rd Apr 2019 07:42:26

    Was all good till the 1:40 mark.. then the equipment caught fire.

  • Comment From Neglectik


    Posted 27th Mar 2019 09:34:12


  • Comment From Beachmastersurfertruce


    Posted 27th Mar 2019 08:19:02

    what the **** so cool man nice set-up un mask the face!

  • Comment From Albert Balestrieri

    Albert Balestrieri

    Posted 26th Mar 2019 21:58:23


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