JHN SWN - JHN SWN DMC ONLINE 2019 Round One. "Fleekwood"

JHN SWN From United States of America
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 1

More Original Styles Fom Yours Truly AKA The Peoples Champ. Ask ya fav dj what happens when you run up Remember the code of conduct. Peace!!


  • Comment From PHENOMENON1


    Posted 9th Apr 2019 11:39:54


  • Comment From Terminator Dave

    Terminator Dave

    Posted 9th Apr 2019 11:30:12

    Killin set homie! Love the tracks you’re using.

  • Comment From Tease please

    Tease please

    Posted 8th Apr 2019 23:59:25

    Always impressed by your energy and skillz! Keep on radiating))) be blessed)))

  • Comment From MarcAntony


    Posted 8th Apr 2019 23:31:27

    Yea yea yea this is so dope! #1 original peoples champ. Chachacha

  • Comment From DJ Jay T

    DJ Jay T

    Posted 8th Apr 2019 18:24:55

    Voted 5 Stars!!!

  • Comment From Dancedad420


    Posted 8th Apr 2019 16:53:33

    Nice man!! Looking forward to dancing to you one day!!

  • Comment From Defiant Lou Demo

    Defiant Lou Demo

    Posted 7th Apr 2019 22:38:11

    Sorry for the late vote and comment….
    I dig your passion and enthusiasm as well as your originality!
    Those great combos just gave you 5 stars!
    Best of luck man!

  • Comment From fredman


    Posted 7th Apr 2019 17:07:26

    lovin it now

  • Comment From Messiahwalks


    Posted 7th Apr 2019 12:03:36

    The dude is dope. He’s original and a breath of fresh air. Best of luck.

  • Comment From BigCyskie


    Posted 6th Apr 2019 07:34:50

    man, you crazy…but i;m crazy too. I get it. and the cut **** was madd creative and funky. peace Swan tha Don

  • Comment From paulywrath


    Posted 4th Apr 2019 23:56:04

    He moves faster than bitcoin

  • Comment From Kamal30


    Posted 3rd Apr 2019 12:58:49


  • Comment From THEE SHMEEZE!!!


    Posted 2nd Apr 2019 18:00:18


  • Comment From mistakenyeh@gmail.com


    Posted 1st Apr 2019 00:59:18

    who else in the game has a style like Swans?

  • Comment From evildoer10


    Posted 31st Mar 2019 19:51:09

    The guy is Ginsu on the wheels…outstanding!

  • Comment From morrisbolber


    Posted 31st Mar 2019 17:07:15


  • Comment From andrei


    Posted 31st Mar 2019 03:30:36

    best i’ve seen, dude slays

  • Comment From FE


    Posted 31st Mar 2019 01:32:17

    Not only are you truly skilled behind the tables, you’re unique & true to yourself. You inspire & motivate me to push myself as a tablist. Also, thank you for flipping one of my favorite band’s tracks!

  • Comment From Dj6sTep


    Posted 31st Mar 2019 01:31:09

    I’ve been DJ’n for only 2 years and these are #djgoals for me. This is fire!! Super clean and mad props on this man!! And to get a legend like @BROLICARM to comment on you is amazing man!!

  • Comment From DJNickDiablo


    Posted 30th Mar 2019 20:08:38

    Not only a top 6 performance but… He. Could. Go. All. The. Way!

  • Comment From Thecassidy


    Posted 30th Mar 2019 19:26:01


  • Comment From DJ Kill Em All Kev

    DJ Kill Em All Kev

    Posted 30th Mar 2019 13:24:42

    Swan looked like he was having fun. He definitely had nice transitions and depth in the execution of what he was doing with the selection of records he played. John Swan Salute!

  • Comment From Marty Rooz

    Marty Rooz

    Posted 29th Mar 2019 13:55:09

    JHN SWN is a visionary. His skills are unreal. Hottest flow in the game.

  • Comment From Rlee


    Posted 29th Mar 2019 04:40:00

    JohnSwanJohnSwan The Infamous . Skills to the moon and back

  • Comment From brolicarm


    Posted 29th Mar 2019 04:33:23

    I’ve been studying battle DJs since 1987, and so I’d like to think I’m a pretty decent judge of performances like these. With that, the thing I appreciate the most about JHN SWN is his originality. Since the day I’ve seen him rock for the first time to now, he’s consistent about"

    1. Using uncommon music in his sets.
    2. Articulating techniques like "Beat Juggling", scratching, etc. in his own distinctive way.
    3. Presenting or framing his routines in a way that’s unconventional.

    Most DJs go out of their way to fit a criteria of what a battle DJ should be. JHN SWN goes out of his way to go against that criteria. For that reason I gave him 5 out 5. I look forward to seeing what else he brings to the table this year. Peace y’all.

  • Comment From Eyewtkas21


    Posted 29th Mar 2019 01:26:25

    Swan is my parents and he raise me on turntables. Bless him.

  • Comment From Feitelogram


    Posted 29th Mar 2019 01:08:03


  • Comment From Carriebear


    Posted 29th Mar 2019 00:15:26

    Swan swervin up the illest, tightest finale of the round fr fr

  • Comment From Dispenser


    Posted 28th Mar 2019 21:40:07

    Fleetwood Smack any haters, Swans serving songs straight from hell!

  • Comment From Usurpedsynapse


    Posted 28th Mar 2019 20:40:40

    Swan is one of the rawest!

  • Comment From zoobtron


    Posted 28th Mar 2019 20:33:23

    Yoooooooo my mans slays the dragon hoards on this here, cutz so deep take you to the hospital son! Out for blood! Flush your tampons, suckaz step up and get donkey punched in the honkey Tonka truck hit and run, bed of nails to the chalkboard of lyfe! This streets is watching, big brother is actually kinda little, and the funk is dysfunctional kid!

  • Comment From Djohn


    Posted 28th Mar 2019 14:20:24

    ❤ this!

  • Comment From Capers1


    Posted 28th Mar 2019 12:18:09

    This is wack, jhn swn is an up and coming new york paranoid schizophrenic

  • Comment From RockyBalboa


    Posted 28th Mar 2019 11:52:13

    This is trash

  • Comment From Albert Balestrieri

    Albert Balestrieri

    Posted 27th Mar 2019 12:25:06

    Dope man. I love this song.

  • Comment From Beachmastersurfertruce


    Posted 27th Mar 2019 08:05:21

    Yo I dig this tho! Voted and I watched lotsss of these!

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