uppacut - Upyagutz Twenty19

uppacut From United Kingdom
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 3

I wasn’t gonna enter this year due to other commitments but here is a last minute fabricobbled vid…enjoy and sling us a vote.


  • Comment From uppacut


    Posted 14th May 2019 19:14:27

    Thanks for your votes guys but this year I’ve come to the conclusion that Its not worth me chasing the top ten any further….I’ve got too much on my plate. Thanks again.

  • Comment From The Abbott

    The Abbott

    Posted 13th May 2019 03:43:09


  • Comment From  Head Garcia

    Head Garcia

    Posted 11th May 2019 12:35:37

    Nice, brother, congratulations on your work.Voted

  • Comment From DopeChef


    Posted 11th May 2019 11:17:04

    Dope! – Got my vote!

  • Comment From Albert Balestrieri

    Albert Balestrieri

    Posted 10th May 2019 11:23:38

    YEEEEESSSSS!!! Brutal my dude. And the ending….hilarious. I dig it man

  • Comment From yenz


    Posted 9th May 2019 22:48:32


  • Comment From M.O.T


    Posted 9th May 2019 21:55:07

    Yes yes yo

  • Comment From speesixnine


    Posted 9th May 2019 21:31:30

    Yes Mate!! Brilliant stuff!!

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