Friky FLINK - DJ Friky DMC online 2019 Czech Republic

Friky FLINK From Czech Republic
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 3

This is my entry to DMC WORLD online and also National submission for CZSK DMC … hope so you will like it !


  • Comment From wavezz


    Posted 20th May 2019 14:01:33

    nice! hodně štěstí

  • Comment From Le Cube

    Le Cube

    Posted 20th May 2019 09:07:40

    Mistr 😉

  • Comment From Mike One

    Mike One

    Posted 17th May 2019 17:47:03


  • Comment From DJ Friky

    DJ Friky

    Posted 17th May 2019 16:06:49

    you Adam happy to see you here and your progress! keep spinnin 🙂 …. thank you guys TMH, Hlodsky, Ceski and for other supporters I realy appreciate that very much !!!!

  • Comment From hlodski


    Posted 17th May 2019 15:48:43

    Pojď mi strejdo!

  • Comment From dj ceski

    dj ceski

    Posted 17th May 2019 07:42:20

    Pojď mi 🙂

  • Comment From djkevinadam


    Posted 16th May 2019 09:04:45

    it’s amazing meet you again in here bro friky ……….;)

  • Comment From Tmh


    Posted 15th May 2019 18:29:25

    Czech power!

  • Comment From Tonik


    Posted 14th May 2019 08:02:42

    Good luck!

  • Comment From Zolltano


    Posted 14th May 2019 07:58:51

    freeky makes a better day

  • Comment From EquinoxCZ


    Posted 14th May 2019 07:45:56

    This guy has no bounderies

  • Comment From Nemcicak


    Posted 14th May 2019 07:43:49

    Friky forever!

  • Comment From DJ Friky

    DJ Friky

    Posted 13th May 2019 07:46:51

    Yaeh !! thx TBC, Hruza. 69 boy, bro Garcia and everyone who support me by vote or nice words !! realy happy for that guys 😉

  • Comment From jaya


    Posted 13th May 2019 04:08:29


  • Comment From  Head Garcia

    Head Garcia

    Posted 11th May 2019 12:38:32

    Nice, brother, congratulations on your work. Voted

  • Comment From jmenopakprijmeni


    Posted 9th May 2019 16:56:36

    Friky rulez – remember Jägertimes 😛

  • Comment From hruza


    Posted 9th May 2019 07:15:25

    DYCKY FRYKY!!!!!

  • Comment From Junk_originals


    Posted 8th May 2019 11:19:48

    Yo yo yo!

  • Comment From 69Beats


    Posted 7th May 2019 23:00:23

    Freaky and funky go go go bro GL!!!

  • Comment From houba0007


    Posted 7th May 2019 18:17:24

    Držím palce!

  • Comment From philip tbc

    philip tbc

    Posted 7th May 2019 11:35:42

    czech reprezent Friky Fliiiiiiink!!!:)))

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