CutsAngerBliss - CUTS ANGER BLISS aka DJ Robert Anthony Melbourne Australia

CutsAngerBliss From Australia
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 3

Round 3 2019


  • Comment From Mechanical


    Posted 21st May 2019 08:53:34

    Killing it dude! A man of many talents.

  • Comment From CutsAngerBliss


    Posted 21st May 2019 07:36:29

    Thanks for voting people. Your time is greatly appreciated.

    Respect from

    Raw to the core vinyl 🙂

  • Comment From Jay Rok

    Jay Rok

    Posted 21st May 2019 04:18:51

    Awesome routine mate… Melbourne Reprazent

  • Comment From Tracesview


    Posted 20th May 2019 10:09:14

    Love this music, great to let loose to

  • Comment From Xspower


    Posted 20th May 2019 09:16:39

    This is the Shit !
    This DJ just knows what’s in your mind when you just want to move …

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