DjRagz - My Brother Looks like McGyver DMC round 3 entry

DjRagz From United States of America
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 3

on a whim fun submission. My bro who is a rad guitar player is coming to town tonight and I thought it would be fun to pay tribute to my bro but also to BMX bikes and the Cool Kids cause those are awesome things. Peace to DMC for keeping this art a thang!!!! My bro does really look like McGyver!!!!!!! Gorilla Fist Muzik Fiendz Common Good Records………


  • Comment From RAFAELA


    Posted 17th May 2019 01:16:24


    love your mix

    work on your scratching

    xox rafaela xox

  • Comment From DJThrodownDC


    Posted 16th May 2019 01:15:43

    Love the way you flipped this track dood!

  • Comment From SteveBills


    Posted 15th May 2019 15:41:59

    Killing it per usual! Go Ragz

  • Comment From DjBeCope aka DJ MAD BUTCHER

    DjBeCope aka DJ MAD BUTCHER

    Posted 15th May 2019 02:02:18

    Voted!! Nice juggling
    also check
    “NO HANDS Routine”

  • Comment From puertorok13


    Posted 14th May 2019 23:19:44

    Well done sir

  • Comment From jzag


    Posted 14th May 2019 16:10:02

    Go Ragz! <3

  • Comment From wooosa


    Posted 14th May 2019 12:23:31


  • Comment From BeatTapeCoOp


    Posted 14th May 2019 12:01:20

    Respect to the man DJ Ragz.

  • Comment From DJ Little Rock

    DJ Little Rock

    Posted 14th May 2019 02:01:37

    Wooo! Go get em Ragz!

  • Comment From 1 Life

    1 Life

    Posted 14th May 2019 01:55:40


  • Comment From Mamadank


    Posted 14th May 2019 01:05:38


  • Comment From Javier Starks

    Javier Starks

    Posted 14th May 2019 01:00:09

    Ragz been killing it since forever yo!! Sharp as Thanos’ double bladed sword! Good lord!

  • Comment From Omegathree


    Posted 13th May 2019 16:45:57

    Get the ****, Kimo!

  • Comment From DJ Jam Master

    DJ Jam Master

    Posted 13th May 2019 16:03:34

    Salute nice

  • Comment From Judsonmyers


    Posted 13th May 2019 15:15:38

    Ragz kills it!

  • Comment From DJ YNG

    DJ YNG

    Posted 13th May 2019 14:34:06

    As always, Ragz killin it! Good ish bro!

  • Comment From DJ Select

    DJ Select

    Posted 12th May 2019 20:26:35

    Wowa, made the Mags bounce, hitting switches

  • Comment From kennethdare


    Posted 12th May 2019 19:32:55

    Yeah Ragz! Get busy!

  • Comment From PHENOMENON1


    Posted 12th May 2019 18:03:50

    Let’s go DMV

  • Comment From bigslop


    Posted 12th May 2019 16:57:32


  • Comment From Dj limp dick

    Dj limp dick

    Posted 12th May 2019 16:15:27

    Love it

  • Comment From Wolfe


    Posted 12th May 2019 15:20:35

    DJ RagZ gettin busy az a bee!
    Nice! Here’s to Joe!
    …also to momma Ragonese Happy mothers day ❤

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