Albert Balestrieri - DMC 2019 2nd round

Albert Balestrieri From United States of America
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 2

Hip hop hooray routine. All vinyl for the heads


  • Comment From WilkTheBaddist


    Posted 28th Apr 2019 22:29:30

    5 Stars for real vinyl

  • Comment From Damager


    Posted 27th Apr 2019 11:39:28

    Very nice.

  • Comment From RukJustice


    Posted 25th Apr 2019 23:49:00

    My man doing these things! Good luck brother!!

  • Comment From Rasp Haunt

    Rasp Haunt

    Posted 24th Apr 2019 23:52:05

    Yup’ Yup’

  • Comment From Albert Balestrieri

    Albert Balestrieri

    Posted 24th Apr 2019 11:46:20

    Thanks for the support my dudes! I’ll use all mediums, but i do love to flip records. Thanks for checking it out and voting!

  • Comment From DJ MyKill Timex

    DJ MyKill Timex

    Posted 24th Apr 2019 05:08:04

    Get em! Rock out homie

  • Comment From JHN SWN


    Posted 23rd Apr 2019 09:44:53

    Lets go with the real!

  • Comment From DJ R&CY aka Scratchtastic

    DJ R&CY aka Scratchtastic

    Posted 20th Apr 2019 17:38:31

    Respect for the old skool raw skills!

  • Comment From Jawal


    Posted 20th Apr 2019 13:09:31

    dope stuff! 😉

  • Comment From iWork&Play


    Posted 20th Apr 2019 03:58:16

    Nice bro! Takes me back!

  • Comment From DJ Zwatz

    DJ Zwatz

    Posted 20th Apr 2019 01:41:05

    Oh what skill bro !!

  • Comment From DJ Jam Master

    DJ Jam Master

    Posted 18th Apr 2019 17:46:33

    Big ups salute that was fun to watch.good luck 5star

  • Comment From DJ Little Rock

    DJ Little Rock

    Posted 17th Apr 2019 20:41:12

    Get em!

  • Comment From Philbee


    Posted 17th Apr 2019 01:03:29

    Killing it!

  • Comment From Kefscobar


    Posted 16th Apr 2019 22:39:41


  • Comment From kennethdare


    Posted 16th Apr 2019 17:54:37

    Much respect with the vinyl set! RealDjing right here!!!

  • Comment From dilmak


    Posted 16th Apr 2019 12:26:42

    I miss seeing real vinyl being cut up like that. 5 stars bro!!

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