Albert Balestrieri - Day and Night Routine

Albert Balestrieri From United States of America
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 1

Day and Night routine


  • Comment From DJ Jam Master

    DJ Jam Master

    Posted 4th May 2019 16:57:58

    Off the chain

  • Comment From Beachmastersurfertruce


    Posted 27th Mar 2019 08:12:07

    You know that frequency messed with my ears but it was crazy good! Congrats!

  • Comment From DJ MyKill Timex

    DJ MyKill Timex

    Posted 27th Mar 2019 04:36:05

    Dope juggling !!!

  • Comment From uppacut


    Posted 26th Mar 2019 19:07:55

    Love it mate….well in!

  • Comment From DJ Iron Byron

    DJ Iron Byron

    Posted 26th Mar 2019 15:46:17

    Dude this juggle is ridiculous, I almost thought I was hearing the melody from "Filet Mignon" by Lil Wayne and Young $ when you were doing the pitch control part on your right table. Super dope man!

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