The Abbott - A..A..A (An Abbott Arrangement) 2016 DMC ONLINE FINALS

The Abbott From New Zealand
Online DJ Championship 2016: The Final

peace…respect and one love to all the djs who made the final


  • Comment From Dj Grélo

    Dj Grélo

    Posted 10th Jun 2016 18:09:09

    Excellent routine man! Congrats!

  • Comment From DJThrodownDC


    Posted 9th Jun 2016 20:20:17

    Dude, I’m stunned at how clean you can pull off all those juggs on that thing! And the Bob Marley / heartbeat finale, BRILLIANT!! Congrats on the newborn homie!

  • Comment From Che-Fu


    Posted 9th Jun 2016 15:43:31

    That was dope bruh.

  • Comment From freestyle


    Posted 8th Jun 2016 20:27:41

    Baby heart sound, v good

  • Comment From djphazenpnz


    Posted 8th Jun 2016 10:41:10

    Flawless routine! Good luck bro

  • Comment From finnyproductions


    Posted 7th Jun 2016 23:12:28

    Awesome bro best of luck

  • Comment From nisroch49


    Posted 7th Jun 2016 20:28:17

    Great man excellent ! !
    And love the baby heart sound only fathers can understand.
    You prouve a dj is not his material hope juges are ready for your style

  • Comment From mrtheegui01


    Posted 7th Jun 2016 19:31:22

    The unborn heartbeat! That’s a crazy stuff man!!

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