buruaaaa - Dj buruaaaa - DMC Online World Final 2016

buruaaaa From Japan
Online DJ Championship 2016: The Final

Hope you enjoy^

I’m so happy when do my favorite things.
I think it’s amazing grace for me.



  • Comment From D.O.G


    Posted 25th Jul 2016 12:37:47

    You are a creative crazy man. When I play this video for my friends, they can’t take their eyes off the screen. Captivating stuff. Epic routine. So different!

  • Comment From buruaaaa


    Posted 12th Jun 2016 21:16:24

    Thank you for comments & support everyone!!
    I’ll more effort.
    Next I will do my best to be show a better routine.

  • Comment From A Roc

    A Roc

    Posted 12th Jun 2016 18:58:52

    Dude, you have the skills to be world champ. But your track selection sucks. I don’t tell you this to hate. I tell you this to help you. I watched your set and by the end, I was begging for it to end. And it’s only 6 minutes. You’re very technical and your skills are incredible. A better track selection you’d be unstoppable.

  • Comment From ManneDub


    Posted 12th Jun 2016 01:59:02

    Super sick big dawg! Good luck ftw!!

  • Comment From Dj Grélo

    Dj Grélo

    Posted 10th Jun 2016 18:14:44

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats man! Awesome!

  • Comment From DJThrodownDC


    Posted 9th Jun 2016 21:16:12

    \\\\\ DAAAAMN /////

  • Comment From DJDaykin


    Posted 9th Jun 2016 12:59:21

    Dope. Juggling is amazing and cuts are on point. Ditto T-Kutz comment – very different, in a good way. Keep doing your own unique style, it’s about the skills AND the music.

    Good Luck

  • Comment From djskillz


    Posted 8th Jun 2016 20:56:05

    whoaaaaa the juggling is very dope 😉

  • Comment From Is-k


    Posted 7th Jun 2016 23:49:09

    Epic! You’re shaking the world!!

  • Comment From Stingray


    Posted 7th Jun 2016 21:33:27

    Nice job.

  • Comment From T-Kutz


    Posted 7th Jun 2016 21:22:52

    Dope…good to see something different…good luck 🙂

  • Comment From adamczi


    Posted 7th Jun 2016 20:08:32

    this juggling was ****in ultra dope, but you could improve timing a bit (1:44) and a selection FOR SURE because it souds like some techno anime computer game, maaan. imagine you’re on dmc stage and play it. you can do some serious **** with your fader control and these juggles

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