DJ K-SWIZZ - World Champion DJ KSWIZZ 14 yrs old 2018 DMC Online World Final

DJ K-SWIZZ From New Zealand
Online DJ Championship 2018: The Final

This is my 5th year entering the dmc online I made my first dmc online world final at 10yrs old back in 2014. Im always trying to push turntablism to the next level with technicality & new creative ideas. please share this video if you like my routine. thank you all for supporting my journey I appreciate everything. #djkswizz #worldchampion #realdjing #thefutureisnow #dmconlineworldfinal #superbeastdjshttpswww.instagram.comdjkswizzhttpswww.facebook.comdjkswizzhttpssoundcloud.comdjkswizz


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