DJ K-SWIZZ - World Champion DJ KSWIZZ 14 yrs old 2018 DMC Online World Final

DJ K-SWIZZ From New Zealand
Online DJ Championship 2018: The Final

This is my 5th year entering the dmc online I made my first dmc online world final at 10yrs old back in 2014. Im always trying to push turntablism to the next level with technicality & new creative ideas. please share this video if you like my routine. thank you all for supporting my journey I appreciate everything. #djkswizz #worldchampion #realdjing #thefutureisnow #dmconlineworldfinal #superbeastdjshttpswww.instagram.comdjkswizzhttpswww.facebook.comdjkswizzhttpssoundcloud.comdjkswizz


  • Comment From Djcrakmanisshyte


    Posted 25th Jun 2018 13:01:26

    If you want to see the real druggy crakgirl and want to invite someone that was out in prison and who is violent and you think you and your family want rakman in your house then go ahead.
    Go to his videos and read the real crakgirl troll.

  • Comment From DJ REMINISE


    Posted 21st Jun 2018 02:57:09

    Good boy Kalib!!! ❤️

  • Comment From dap one

    dap one

    Posted 20th Jun 2018 15:53:57

    Why do they keep posting his age? Maybe for extra points. Set was mad dope

  • Comment From djNEiGht


    Posted 20th Jun 2018 08:56:53


  • Comment From Che-Fu


    Posted 19th Jun 2018 12:45:25

    Very innovative set my dude, you got my vote!

  • Comment From dj prase

    dj prase

    Posted 19th Jun 2018 02:27:10


  • Comment From kodiak


    Posted 18th Jun 2018 05:05:15

    Insane!!! Can you tell me what the 3 other decks we’re doing though besides the phone DVS you were scratching?

  • Comment From DjMYK-P


    Posted 18th Jun 2018 00:16:09

    Massive mahi Kaleb 5 star allday

  • Comment From DJ 1Der

    DJ 1Der

    Posted 17th Jun 2018 20:14:09

    Crown K already! Dunzo! It’s a wrap!
    Great creativity K!!! Big ups!!!

  • Comment From DopeChef


    Posted 17th Jun 2018 19:48:15

    Super Dope but v gimmicky! crew got skin! – good luck!

  • Comment From djrakman


    Posted 17th Jun 2018 08:03:08

    WOW kaleb, what has evil rem been feeding you??? I want some too so i can grow to be big and strong just like you my man. You just blew the whole worlds minds Swizz. we are hitting the cricket nets when i come up so I can feel more human my little ninja brother.

  • Comment From taukapow


    Posted 17th Jun 2018 03:05:56

    That was WOAH!!!!

  • Comment From 10A


    Posted 16th Jun 2018 17:15:45


  • Comment From DJ DR KALEPE


    Posted 16th Jun 2018 06:15:52

    Branch rarely falls further from the tree!
    Must be so proud Reminise!
    Loved the set KSwiss!!!!
    Seki AF!


  • Comment From Dj Remedy

    Dj Remedy

    Posted 16th Jun 2018 03:45:25

    Book your flights now, that was a death blow to the competition.

  • Comment From The Abbott

    The Abbott

    Posted 16th Jun 2018 03:02:54

    Looks like New Zealand are going back to back DMC Online World champions. Crazy set bro

  • Comment From Loop Skywalker the turntable jed

    Loop Skywalker the turntable jed

    Posted 16th Jun 2018 02:55:26

    Well thought out,its been great seeing you grow into a world champ….absolutely loved the video game…great idea. Good job…great set.

  • Comment From Wago


    Posted 16th Jun 2018 02:03:15

    This is the best one. Innovative yet still displays skills…

    This boys got the same effect as Craze did, always got excited to see what new trick he would come up with. This boys the future for real.

  • Comment From Blade


    Posted 16th Jun 2018 01:39:28

    AMAAAZING!!! Creative, Unique, Clean…..ON POINT 100!!!! Way to Take NZ to the top! Woohoo u got this K-Swizz!

  • Comment From Kefscobar


    Posted 16th Jun 2018 01:32:21

    My jaw dropped after watching this. All the best K-Swizz. I’m lost for words.

  • Comment From Rueboi


    Posted 16th Jun 2018 01:09:57

    I can’t see anyone beating you with this crazy routine. Next level!! Absolutely flawless

  • Comment From CWILZ


    Posted 16th Jun 2018 00:22:25

    Solid as always KSWIZZ!!

  • Comment From dilmak


    Posted 16th Jun 2018 00:07:51

    Holy CRAP! ! TALK ABOUT NEXT LEVEL!! Amazing set bro. Congrats on making it to the final and representing New Zealand. That was amaZAzing!!

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