Dj Chell - DJ CHELL - DMC Online 2016 - FINAL

Dj Chell From Russia
Online DJ Championship 2016: The Final

Hi everyone!!!!
Here is my Final Round for DMC Online 2016
So im using at my set Traktor Z2, maschine MK2 and Keyboard and soft NI Maschine. So i do there all is my edit of this songs try to remixed, and i dont think about using original acoustic piano, but when i try to record i try to find some place wich is look more better then my studio room wich u can see in my videos before. So then i move the room but it still the same place because we got like big school for kids, like dance school and this room is for painting, so when i move there i see the piano and just try to use and this was be a some good vibration for me!
So yeahhh!!!! And also when i record i lost my line in signal, because make to many shots, sorry for that because i spell many times for sound production and this sound cool!!!!
I hope u enjoy!!!!


  • Comment From Kujjan


    Posted 14th Jun 2016 20:12:17

    Круто!!! Молорики!!!

  • Comment From Dj Grélo

    Dj Grélo

    Posted 10th Jun 2016 18:13:39

    Nice man!

  • Comment From DJThrodownDC


    Posted 9th Jun 2016 19:50:07

    Killed it homie! Especially with the Maschine and the piano!

  • Comment From Five40


    Posted 8th Jun 2016 16:32:12

    Йооо! Пианино по красоте воткнул! Респект внатуре!!)

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