JHN SWN - JHN SWN DMC Online BATTLE World Final 2018

JHN SWN From United States of America
Online DJ Championship 2018: The Final

In a world of euro clones mickey mouse club DJs and biters one handsome man had a blast! The Peoples Champ #GetOffMeJohnSwanJovi SwanJohnSwan.com


  • Comment From Djcrakmanisshyte


    Posted 25th Jun 2018 12:46:45

    Glad you didnt win troll boy!

  • Comment From dj prase

    dj prase

    Posted 19th Jun 2018 02:36:23

    you killin it as always

  • Comment From Dayvers


    Posted 19th Jun 2018 00:55:14

    Great set. Nice reppin USA!

  • Comment From DopeChef


    Posted 17th Jun 2018 19:45:42

    Dope as…..Good Luck! – man steezzzz this yeah! better than gimmicks

  • Comment From Albert Balestrieri

    Albert Balestrieri

    Posted 16th Jun 2018 18:20:50

    Hahahaha, dope vid.

    That was the ****

  • Comment From SATIE


    Posted 16th Jun 2018 10:01:00


  • Comment From djrakman


    Posted 15th Jun 2018 13:28:48

    the peoples champion, that was pure madness, dope video haha

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