Dj Ride - DJ RIDE DMC ONLINE 2019 Round 1

Dj Ride From Portugal
Online DJ Championship 2019: Round 1

DJ RIDE DMC ONLINE 2019 Round 1a 2 minute teaser of what i’m working on.. hope you like it! thanks!!


  • Comment From DJ Jay T

    DJ Jay T

    Posted 8th Apr 2019 18:27:49

    Voted 5 Stars !!!

  • Comment From Yoke


    Posted 29th Mar 2019 20:48:55

    Super dope!

  • Comment From Dj Piski

    Dj Piski

    Posted 29th Mar 2019 10:58:00

    Boom 5!

  • Comment From johnnyjoe


    Posted 29th Mar 2019 07:33:34

    : )

  • Comment From DjBeCope aka DJ MAD BUTCHER

    DjBeCope aka DJ MAD BUTCHER

    Posted 29th Mar 2019 07:09:23

    Okay I see u. Check me under djbecope.

  • Comment From stereossauro


    Posted 28th Mar 2019 23:07:55

    xupah keh DUVAH

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